Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell Acknowledge Spencer Dinwiddie’s Adaptation to New Lakers Role

Anthony Davis: Spencer Dinwiddie, coming off the bench, showcased his best performance yet in a Lakers jersey by contributing 11 points in their 101-94 win against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Dinwiddie joined the Lakers after being acquired from the buyout market, but he has faced challenges in finding his offensive groove due to his unfamiliar role.

Anthony Davis

Nevertheless, Dinwiddie’s defensive contributions have been commendable, including a crucial block against Damian Lillard that secured a recent Lakers victory.

Anthony Davis emphasized the team’s encouragement for Dinwiddie to maintain his assertiveness.

Anthony Davis Expressed, “We Constantly Urge Him To Stay True To Himself

Davis expressed, “We constantly urge him to stay true to himself, to be Spencer Dinwiddie. Don’t hold back, don’t hesitate to pass, although that’s his style. But simultaneously, we want him to seize opportunities, take shots when open, drive to the basket, and finish. You can see he’s becoming more comfortable and just enjoying the game.”

Anthony Davis

Dinwiddie himself acknowledges the adjustment to playing a more off-ball role with the Lakers, a departure from his usual style. However, he remains determined to adapt and make meaningful contributions, as highlighted by D’Angelo Russell.

Anthony Davis’s Still Adapting, It’s A New Role For Him

Russell commented, “He’s still adapting, it’s a new role for him. But he’s fully capable of meeting any challenge. The league knows his potential, and I’ll always support him. Sometimes, when you transition to a new team, your capabilities may be overlooked, but he’s shown resilience and his true potential.”

As the Lakers aim to solidify their position in the standings, Dinwiddie’s role will become increasingly pivotal, and the team trusts him to step up when needed.

Dinwiddie Striving for Efficiency with Fewer Touches

Anthony Davis

Dinwiddie acknowledges the transition from having more ball-handling responsibilities to a more limited role with the Lakers, emphasizing his efforts to maximize efficiency with fewer touches.

Yeah, I’m working on it,” Dinwiddie remarked. “I believe as I continue to carve out my role and seek additional opportunities, I’ll be able to contribute more here and there.

“It’s not a drastic change in terms of volume. I didn’t suddenly run 20 or 30 pick-and-rolls. But I was grateful for the added possessions and aimed to be as effective as possible, hoping my offensive output matches my defensive efforts.”

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