Austin Reaves: Lakers Are Try Playing Confident Despite Losing Streak

Austin Reaves: In the face of a challenging season, the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves navigating a tough stretch in 2024. While stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James continue to showcase their prowess, one player standing out during the team’s trials is Austin Reaves.

Following a sluggish start to the season, Reaves is beginning to embody the player the Lakers envisioned him to be. Despite the recent setback, with the team dropping their fourth consecutive game to the Memphis Grizzlies, Reaves remains unwavering in his focus on the game at hand.

Austin Reaves

“During a game, it’s almost impossible for my mind to wander elsewhere,” Reaves asserted. “I can’t speak for everyone else, but when you’re on the court, you think about the game. Winning is the sole focus – how can I contribute to securing the victory.”

In times of struggle, the Lakers can’t afford to dwell on past performances. The emphasis lies in addressing the immediate challenges to secure a win on the given night.

Austin Reaves : We’re not in a great state of mind right now because we’re losing

While the team’s recent record may affect morale, Reaves dismisses any suggestion of diminished confidence within the locker room. “We’re not in a great state of mind right now because we’re losing,” he acknowledged. “But individually, when you look at how we’re playing, it’s not about lacking confidence; it’s just that we’re not winning games.”

Austin Reaves

Maintaining confidence amid a losing streak is crucial for the Lakers, a team that recently dominated some of the league’s best. Reaves, along with his teammates, remains steadfast in their belief that they can turn things around.

One area that requires improvement for the Lakers is their 3-point shooting. Reaves acknowledges the need for better accuracy beyond the arc, recognizing the positive impact it can have on LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Austin Reaves : We must play our part in supporting them as they draw significant attention from opponents

“To open up opportunities for Bron and AD, we need to shoot the 3 well,” Reaves emphasized. “While turnovers have been an issue, improving our 3-point percentage will make everything easier for them. We must play our part in supporting them as they draw significant attention from opponents.”

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves

As the Lakers strive to overcome their current challenges, Reaves’ perspective reflects a team determined to rediscover their winning ways. The resilience displayed during these trying times signifies a belief that, despite the losing streak, brighter days are ahead for the Lakers.

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