Bronny James to Stay in 2024 NBA Draft Says Rich Paul

Bronny James: The time for young basketball players to decide if they will stay in the 2024 NBA Draft or go back to college is coming soon. Many people are watching to see what Bronny James will do. Bronny is the son of famous basketball player LeBron James who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bronny’s chances in the draft have gotten better because of how well he has been playing before the draft. He did very well at the NBA Draft Combine and looked good at the Klutch Sports Pro Day. Because of this, he feels good about his chances in the draft.

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Bronny James

Rich Paul from Klutch Sports told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Jonathan Givony that Bronny James will not go back to college and will stay in the 2024 NBA Draft.

USC freshman guard Bronny James will stay in the 2024 NBA Draft and will not use his remaining time in college, said Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul to ESPN.

Rich Paul told ESPN just before the NCAA deadline on Wednesday night that Bronny is staying in the draft.

It seemed like this would happen. At first, people were not sure if Bronny would be picked in the draft. Even now, it is not certain. But many teams are interested in him and want him to come for workouts.

Bronny has more than 10 invitations but he is only planning to visit a few teams. The main ones are the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. Rich Paul has talked about finding the best place for Bronny to grow as a player. They think they have some good choices.

The 2024 NBA Draft is not seen as very special. There are no players that everyone thinks will be superstars. But people are very interested to see where Bronny will go. Many are wondering if he might end up on the Lakers and play with his dad LeBron.

Rich Paul is not focused on getting Bronny James to play with LeBron James on the Lakers

Even though the Lakers are one of the top teams that might get Bronny James and are one of the main teams he is looking at, Rich Paul says that getting Bronny to play with LeBron James is not his main goal.

Bronny James

Paul said that the most important thing is finding the best place for Bronny to get better as a player. If the Lakers are that place and it happens that Bronny and LeBron can play together, then that is good. But the Klutch Sports founder is not working to make sure that happens.

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