Lakers’ Jarred Vanderbilt Shines in Recent Games: A Deep Dive into His Impact on Offensive Rebounds and Team Dynamics

The Los Angeles Lakers have witnessed a resurgence in the performance of forward Jarred Vanderbilt, a development that has somewhat flown under the radar in recent times. Initially, Vanderbilt faced challenges upon returning to the court after missing the early part of the season, struggling to make a significant impact. However, in a recent game against the Los Angeles Clippers, he showcased an impressive display, contributing 12 points, nine rebounds, and three steals.

Jarred Vanderbilt

A noteworthy aspect of Vanderbilt’s recent success lies in his prowess on the offensive glass, securing six crucial offensive rebounds in the mentioned game. In a post-game interview, Vanderbilt highlighted his deliberate effort to crash the offensive glass, recognizing its potential to create advantages and secure additional possessions for the team.

“I try to go as much as possible,” expressed the Lakers forward after the game against the Clippers. “It’s just putting that pressure on the offensive glass to try to create an advantage and get extra possessions for the team.”

These extra possessions prove to be particularly valuable for the Lakers, especially during offensive struggles. With a team that doesn’t excel in perimeter shooting, seizing more opportunities becomes a vital strategy to compensate for this weakness.

Jarred Vanderbilt emphasized the team’s collective responsibility to leverage their size advantage effectively

Vanderbilt emphasized the team’s collective responsibility to leverage their size advantage effectively, not just on the offensive end but also ensuring a balanced approach by swiftly transitioning to defensive duties.

“I think for us in general, we have a lot of size on our team,” observed Vanderbilt. “So just continue to get a lot of guys inside and take advantage of it. Just continue to pound the glass and use our size and athleticism to crash. I think we’re talented enough to do both, to be able to crash and get back. So I think that’s our next step.”

Jarred Vanderbilt

As the player on the Lakers who excels in the gritty aspects of the game, Vanderbilt could potentially lead the team in this strategic emphasis on offensive rebounding. Despite his improving performance, he acknowledges that he is not yet operating at full capacity.

“I’m still working my way back,” Vanderbilt admitted. “I still feel like I’m getting my legs under me, but each and every game, I feel like I’m getting better. Just trying to get my feel back and my rhythm back and just kind of slow down a little bit. My feet are kind of moving faster than I would like right now.”

Jarred Vanderbilt being one of the players grappling with recovery

Health issues have plagued the Lakers this season, with Vanderbilt being one of the players grappling with recovery. Nevertheless, his return to form presents a significant boost for the Lakers, indicating that he is approaching peak performance.

In terms of overall comfort and improvement, Vanderbilt shared his perspective on the gradual positive shift in his game. “I’m feeling better,” he noted. “Like I said, each and every game, I feel like I’m progressing, getting more comfortable, getting more in shape, more in rhythm. The more I play, the more I feel comfortable out there.”

Jarred Vanderbilt

In conclusion, Jarred Vanderbilt‘s impact on the Lakers’ offensive rebounds and his commitment to the team’s success mark a positive trajectory for both him and the franchise. As he continues to find his rhythm and the Lakers navigate through health challenges, Vanderbilt’s contributions become increasingly crucial, setting the stage for a promising chapter in the team’s season.

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