Lakers Strategically Rest Anthony Davis in Fourth Quarter, Preparing for Crucial Games Ahead

Anthony Davis : The Los Angeles Lakers strategically managed Anthony Davis’s playing time during their recent game against the San Antonio Spurs, opting to rest him in the fourth quarter to conserve his energy for the challenging schedule ahead.

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Anthony Davis

In previous matchups with the Spurs this season, the Lakers had chosen to rotate between LeBron James and Anthony Davis, resulting in a mixed outcome of a close victory and a clear defeat.

However, this time, despite being on the second night of a back-to-back, the Lakers decided to field both Davis and James, albeit with a different approach.

Anthony Davis Had Played in Both Games

LeBron James had sat out the previous game against the Golden State Warriors, while Anthony Davis had played in both games but did not need to complete the full duration of either match.

With the Lakers comfortably leading in the fourth quarter against the Spurs, Davis was benched, allowing him to play fewer than 30 minutes in total.

Anthony Davis

Head coach Darvin Ham clarified that the decision to rest Davis was not premeditated but rather a result of the team’s confidence in their performance and the advantage they had established.

Ham stated, “We felt we had a pretty good grip on the game… I think it was great for him to be able to sit over there knowing the next stretch of games we have coming up.”

Further Solidified Their Decision To Rest Anthony Davis

Davis exited the game after the third quarter with the Lakers leading 97-91. The team’s strong start to the final period, with an extended 19-4 run, further solidified their decision to rest Davis, ultimately resulting in a comfortable 116-98 victory.

This strategic move holds significant importance considering the Lakers’ upcoming schedule, which includes a crucial match against the Phoenix Suns followed by games against tough opponents like the Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets.

Anthony Davis

With the Lakers aiming to climb out of the play-in race and secure important wins, preserving Davis’s energy becomes paramount.

Coach Ham’s decision to rest Davis in the fourth quarter proved to be a calculated gamble that paid off, providing the team with additional rest and potentially contributing to their success in the challenging week ahead.

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