Lakers Trade Rumors: D’Angelo Russell’s Hot Streak Puts Dejounte Murray Swap on Hold

D’Angelo Russell: The Los Angeles Lakers are buzzing with trade speculations as the NBA’s February 8 deadline approaches. One name in the mix is Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks, but recent standout performances by D’Angelo Russell may throw a wrench in the Lakers’ plans.

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Ever since Russell returned to the starting lineup, his stats have been on fire, averaging 27.5 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. His remarkable 54.2% accuracy from beyond the arc, attempting nine shots per game, has significantly boosted the Lakers’ game, winning five out of their last seven matches.

D'Angelo Russell

Russell’s commitment to the Lakers is evident through his one-year contract extension, which includes a player option. Despite having the option to veto trades, Russell has shown willingness to explore potential deals.

However, Russell’s recent stellar form has cast doubts on the Lakers’ interest in shaking up their starting lineup. League insiders reveal minimal trade discussions between the Lakers and the Hawks regarding Dejounte Murray.

the Stalled Talks is D’Angelo Russell’s Exceptional Performance

Trade negotiations during this period can be unpredictable, but sources close to the talks dismiss the likelihood of Murray joining the Lakers before the deadline, terming it “unrealistic.”

D'Angelo Russell

One factor contributing to the stalled talks is Russell’s exceptional performance, which has forced the Lakers to reconsider their trade strategy. Previous discussions between the Lakers and Hawks suggested Atlanta’s reluctance to accept Russell without involving a third team to manage his substantial contract, which includes an $18.6 million player option for the next season.

Initially, the Lakers were open to offering Russell along with future draft picks for Murray, albeit with Austin Reaves as a non-negotiable asset. However, Russell’s recent dominance has tempered the Lakers’ enthusiasm for this trade package.

Lakers Nation’s Trevor Lane Supports The Notion That Trade Talks Surrounding D’Angelo Russell

Confirmation from Lakers Nation’s Trevor Lane supports the notion that trade talks surrounding Russell and Murray have hit a roadblock. Lane emphasizes the quiet nature of discussions during this period and notes the potential for talks to reignite with just one phone call.

With approximately a week-and-a-half remaining until the deadline, reports suggest that discussions between the Lakers and Hawks could resume closer to the cutoff date. Both teams will have additional games, including a matchup against each other, to evaluate their options before finalizing any deals.

D'Angelo Russell

Russell’s newfound confidence adds another layer of complexity to the Lakers’ decision-making process. If Russell maintains his current form, the Lakers may opt to retain him and allocate their trade assets toward strengthening other areas of their roster, such as acquiring a versatile wing player or securing a reliable backup center.

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