Los Angeles Lakers Fan Shannon Sharpe’s Worries About Potential Playoff Matchup with Kings

Notable Los Angeles Lakers enthusiast Shannon Sharpe voiced his concerns after witnessing his beloved team suffer a defeat against the Sacramento Kings, signaling his reluctance to face them in the NBA playoffs.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Sharpe, renowned for his fervent support of the Lakers, expressed his disappointment following the team’s recent loss to the Kings on Wednesday night. The Kings clinched a decisive 120-107 victory over the Lakers at the Golden 1 Center, leaving Sharpe disheartened by the outcome.

In a conversation with Gilbert Arenas on the “Nightcap” show, Sharpe candidly conveyed his sentiments, stating, “The Kings, I don’t want to see those Kings in the playoffs.

I don’t want to see them in the Play-In Tournament, I don’t want to see them at the AAU tournament, I don’t want to see them at the blacktop, I don’t want to see the Kings no more.”

Anthony Davis, The Los Angeles Lakers failed To Counteract The impressive Performances

Despite boasting a lineup featuring LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers failed to counteract the impressive performances from Harrison Barnes and Domantas Sabonis.

Barnes delivered a formidable scoring display, while Sabonis secured a triple-double, contributing to the Kings’ victory and marking their second-ever season series sweep against the Lakers, the first being in 2015-16.

Los Angeles Lakers

Sabonis’s impeccable 10-0 career record against Davis further underscored the Kings’ dominance in recent matchups, prompting the Kings superstar to express his desire for the media to cease discussing the statistic.

Currently positioned as the Western Conference’s No. 9 seed, the Lakers find themselves trailing behind the ascending Kings, who have secured the No. 6 seed. This advancement potentially guarantees the Kings a first-round playoff berth if they can maintain their current standing.

There Exists A Possibility Of The Los Angeles Lakers

With both the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns boasting identical 38-27 records and having split their season series, the Kings hold the crucial tiebreaker advantage based on their divisional record.

This places them in a favorable position as the playoff race intensifies in the tightly contested Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers

Given the uncertainty surrounding the Western Conference playoff landscape, there exists a possibility of the Lakers and the Kings facing off in the Play-In Tournament. Considering Sacramento’s recent dominance over Los Angeles, Sharpe’s apprehension regarding such a matchup is well-founded, highlighting the Lakers’ desire to avoid encountering the Kings in the postseason.

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