Magic Johnson and the High Five: A New NBA Tradition

Magic Johnson was a very famous basketball player. When he joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979, he changed the game. He was very tall for a point guard and could see the whole court very well.

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He helped his team, the Lakers, play faster and better. He played with other great players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Michael Cooper, and Byron Scott. The way they played made other teams want to play faster too.

Magic Johnson

But Magic Johnson did something else that was special. He came up with the high five. He talked about this on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. He said that when he was in college at Michigan State, he played with a teammate named Greg Kelser.

One day, Magic made a great pass, and Greg dunked the ball. They pointed at each other, and then Magic put his hand up. Greg ran over and hit Magic’s hand. This was the first high five. They started doing it all the time.

Magic Johnson and Greg did not plan to make something new

Back then, people did not do the high five. They mostly did low fives. Magic and Greg did not plan to make something new. They just did it quickly and went back to playing. They did not even think of a name for it. They just knew they had to get back on defense.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s story about the high five is funny and interesting. It shows how he was always thinking about his team and how to make them better. He liked to see his teammates do well and helped them play their best. This helped him win five championships and become one of the best point guards ever.

Magic Johnson Wants Dan Hurley as Lakers Coach

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson also has ideas about who should coach the Lakers. He wanted Dan Hurley, the coach of the University of Connecticut (UConn), to be the new Lakers coach. Dan Hurley is 50 years old and has done very well with UConn. But Dan Hurley decided to stay with UConn instead of moving to the NBA and coaching the Lakers.

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