Spencer Dinwiddie Talks Lakers-Clippers Comparison

Spencer Dinwiddie, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, didn’t wait long to find a new team after the Toronto Raptors let him go.

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Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie used to play for the Brooklyn Nets before they traded him to Toronto, who then let him go without paying his contract bonus. The Lakers saw an opportunity and signed him for the rest of the 2023-24 season.

Dinwiddie, an experienced player, has strengthened the Lakers’ backcourt, which needed more depth behind D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves. He’s become an important part of head coach Darvin Ham’s plans.

Spencer Dinwiddie says he’s enjoying being back in his hometown of Los Angeles

Even though he hasn’t been with the Lakers for long, Dinwiddie says he’s enjoying being back in his hometown of Los Angeles more than he did in Brooklyn. Since he grew up in L.A. and played for Brooklyn, he compares the Lakers-Clippers rivalry to the one between the New York Knicks and Nets.

Spencer Dinwiddie

“Yeah, definitely,” said Dinwiddie. “You have to remember, as a kid from L.A., every other kid supports the Lakers. If someone says they support the Clippers, they’re probably not telling the truth. It’s like the Knicks-Nets situation. It’s all about the history and everything.

Even when the Clippers do well, like they are this year, it’s still a Lakers town. That’s just how it is. And when you add to that the chance to play with arguably the greatest player ever and to be in the playoff race, it’s special.

Spencer Dinwiddie also talked about his time with the Nets

Being able to make a difference, having big moments, like starting games, scoring, and making important defensive plays, those are things I can share with my kids. I’m not pretending to be old; LeBron is 40, I’m 30. But you want to have a purpose in what you do, you don’t want to feel like you’re just drifting along and getting blamed for everything. That’s not fun at all.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie also talked about his time with the Nets, saying he thinks people misunderstood it. He often got blamed when the team didn’t do well, and he hasn’t forgotten that.

But Dinwiddie seems to be fitting in well with the Lakers, and he’ll have to decide what to do when he becomes a free agent.

Spencer Dinwiddie Wants to Stay with Lakers

Spencer Dinwiddie will be a free agent this summer and has said he really wants to stay with the Lakers.

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