Anthony Davis Plans to Persuade LeBron James to Stay with Lakers

Anthony Davis wants LeBron James to stick with the Lakers. The Lakers missed the playoffs, and LeBron might not stay. But Anthony Davis thinks they can still do big things together. He said this when talking to reporters after the season ended.

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Anthony Davis

“I think we work well together,” said Davis. “We’ve achieved something special. The good thing is I’ll be spending the summer with him. So, we’ll talk a lot. He knows how I feel about him. He’s been in the NBA a long time, in his 21st season. He’s had to make these kinds of choices before. If he asks me, I’ll try to convince him to stay. But in the end, it’s up to him.”

Davis and LeBron will be on Team USA for the Paris Olympics. They’ll spend a lot of time together, and Davis will try to persuade LeBron to stay with the Lakers.

Anthony Davis

LeBron has made big decisions before, and Davis will support him no matter what. “He’s had to make choices like this before,” Davis said. “I’ll be there for him, whatever he decides. He’ll probably talk to me before he makes his decision public. It’s been great playing with him for five seasons. If he stays, we want to win a championship for Lakers fans.”

Fans hope LeBron will stay with the Lakers. But until he signs a new contract, there’s a chance he might leave. So, Davis will do his best to convince LeBron to stay.

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