Jaylen Brown Talks About Bronny James at Lakers Summer League

Jaylen Brown

The Los Angeles Lakers got a lot of negative comments when they picked Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft. Bronny is the oldest son of LeBron James. He was chosen with the 55th pick. Last summer, Bronny had a heart problem and played only a few minutes in his season at USC. Many people … Read more

Why LeBron James Took Pay Cut To Keep Lakers Below Second Apron

LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the best basketball players ever. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, LeBron signed a new contract for two years. This contract is worth a little over $101 million. He could have taken about $3 million more, but he chose not to. This choice is very important for the … Read more

Magic Johnson and the High Five: A New NBA Tradition

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was a very famous basketball player. When he joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979, he changed the game. He was very tall for a point guard and could see the whole court very well. He helped his team, the Lakers, play faster and better. He played with other great players like Kareem … Read more

Anthony Davis Praises Victor Wembanyama’s First NBA Season

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis: One of the biggest stories this past season was San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama. People were curious about how his game would work in the NBA. He did not have any problems and made things hard for his opponents, even for Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis. Wembanyama, who is 7 feet … Read more

Lakers Mourn the Loss of Jerry West

Jerry West

The Los Angeles Lakers are grieving the death of Jerry West. Jerry West is one of the best members of the Lakers ever. He was a great player and also helped build many Lakers championship teams as a general manager. People see him as one of the best executives in NBA history. On Wednesday morning, … Read more

Lakers’ LeBron James Reacts to Rumors About His Desire to Win

LeBron James

he Los Angeles Lakers recently lost their top choice for a new head coach. This led to many discussions about their star player LeBron James. Some people think that LeBron, who has won the NBA championship four times, does not want to win anymore. LeBron did not stay quiet about these rumors. He responded to … Read more

Anthony Davis Does Not Want JJ Redick as Lakers Coach

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis: The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new head coach. JJ Redick is the favorite choice. But not everyone agrees with this decision. Marc Stein, a well-known insider, says that Anthony Davis wants someone else to be the coach. Davis prefers James Borrego over JJ Redick. Stein wrote on June 5 that … Read more

Austin Reaves Will Play in Celebrity Golf Event

Austin Reaves

Los Angeles Lakers player Austin Reaves will play in a golf event this summer. He will join the American Century Championship (ACC). This news comes from Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times. The ACC is a famous golf event for celebrities. It happens every year in Lake Tahoe. Many popular people and athletes take … Read more

Bronny James to Stay in 2024 NBA Draft Says Rich Paul

Bronny James

Bronny James: The time for young basketball players to decide if they will stay in the 2024 NBA Draft or go back to college is coming soon. Many people are watching to see what Bronny James will do. Bronny is the son of famous basketball player LeBron James who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. … Read more

Taurean Prince Wants To Re-Sign With Lakers

Taurean Prince

Taurean Prince is a player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He played as a forward this season. The way he played was not the problem. The problem was the role he was given. The old coach Darvin Ham knew Prince from before. This made Ham trust Prince a lot. Prince started the season as a … Read more