Austin Reaves: Finding Ease in Playing Alongside Anthony Davis for the Lakers

Austin Reaves: The Los Angeles Lakers witnessed another spectacular display of skill from Anthony Davis during Sunday’s game against the Indiana Pacers. Davis showcased his dominance with an impressive performance, tallying 36 points and 16 rebounds on 15-for-21 shooting, contributing significantly to the Lakers’ 150-145 victory.

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Austin Reaves

In a high-scoring game like this, it’s no surprise that three other Lakers players, including Austin Reaves, also surpassed the 20-point mark, with Austin Reaves securing 25 points. Reaves has had ample opportunity to share the court with Davis throughout his three seasons in the NBA.

Together, they’ve logged the most minutes as a two-man combination for the Lakers this season, averaging 26 minutes of shared playing time per game. Despite not boasting the best statistical performance with a -0.9 net rating, they have proven to be remarkably efficient as a duo, boasting a 60.7 true shooting percentage.

Austin Reaves has primarily experienced playing without Davi

Reaves has primarily experienced playing without Davis only when the Lakers’ big man has been sidelined due to injury. However, even from those instances, Reaves acknowledges the significant impact of playing alongside a superstar like Davis, emphasizing how it enhances the flow of the game.

“I simply relish being his teammate,” Reaves expressed. “Undoubtedly, he simplifies things for everyone on the court. For me personally, I’d refrain from saying more than anyone else, but his presence makes my game feel significantly smoother when he’s out there, dominating on both ends of the floor.”

Austin Reaves

Reaves elaborated on the advantages of having Davis as a teammate, highlighting the defensive stability Davis provides, allowing him to be more assertive when guarding the ball. Offensively, the attention drawn by Davis and LeBron James enables easier scoring opportunities for Reaves and his teammates.

“Playing alongside Bron and AD, two of the top players on every opponent’s scouting report, creates favorable situations,” Reaves explained. “Defenses hesitate to double-team them, which opens up opportunities. It’s almost expected, but Davis consistently delivers.”

Above all, Reaves emphasized Davis’ basketball intelligence, an aspect of his game that often goes unnoticed.

Austin Reaves and Davis have developed a strong rapport.

“They don’t give him enough credit for his IQ,” Reaves remarked. “His understanding and feel for the game are unparalleled. From anticipating rebounds to positioning in pick-and-roll scenarios, his basketball IQ is exceptional. Passing out of double-teams, it’s all part of his game. For me, it’s nothing new.”

With nearly three years of experience sharing the starting lineup, Reaves and Davis have developed a strong rapport. Despite both players contributing to each other’s success, Davis’ dominance remains unmatched, providing Reaves with firsthand exposure to elite-level play night after night.

Austin Reaves

Anthony Davis Commends Spencer Dinwiddie

Despite his own stellar performance, Davis is quick to recognize and support his teammates. Recently, he praised Spencer Dinwiddie for his seamless adjustment to a new role within the team.

“We consistently remind him to stay true to himself, to be Spencer Dinwiddie,” Davis remarked following the win. “We encourage him to be aggressive, to shoot when he’s open, attack the basket, finish strong. It’s evident that he’s growing more comfortable on the court, just playing his game.”

Davis emphasized the importance of Dinwiddie’s contributions and expressed confidence in his ability to continue delivering throughout the remaining games of the season and beyond.

In essence, Reaves’ and Davis’ synergy on the court epitomizes the Lakers’ collective effort, where each player contributes uniquely to the team’s success.

Davis’ leadership and dominance serve as a catalyst for the team’s performance, while Reaves and other teammates capitalize on the opportunities created, fostering a cohesive and formidable unit on the court.

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