JJ Redick Jokes with LeBron James About Referee Treatment of Lakers

JJ Redick isn’t afraid to hold LeBron James accountable. That’s evident from their recent conversation on ‘Mind The Game’ where James talked about the Lakers’ playoff series against the Nuggets and the referees’ calls.

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LeBron James

During the discussion, James mentioned how players usually get away with more physical play in the playoffs compared to the regular season. However, he noted that this wasn’t the case in the Lakers’ series against the Nuggets.

Redick quickly chimed in, “Says the guy whose team got the most free throws in NBA history over the last two seasons.”

They shared a laugh before continuing their conversation.

LeBron James and Redick have a close relationship

It’s clear that James and Redick have a close relationship that allows them to tease each other. James wouldn’t have started a podcast with Redick if he didn’t like and respect him.

LeBron James

Their rapport has even sparked speculation that Redick might become the Lakers’ next coach. This speculation arises from James‘s influence on Lakers’ decisions and reports suggesting that Redick was a candidate for another team’s coaching position, particularly the Charlotte Hornets.

Despite the Hornets hiring Celtics assistant Charles Lee, the rumors about Redick’s coaching potential continue to circulate. It’s uncertain whether Redick will pursue coaching and how it might affect his podcast with James.

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