Lakers’ Playoff Aspirations Dwindle After Defeat to Phoenix Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers, with a record of 31-28, suffered a setback against the Phoenix Suns, who stand at 34-24, losing with a score of 123-113. This defeat places them in a precarious position in the league standings.


The Lakers faced a significant challenge in rebounding, being outmatched 51-34 overall and particularly struggling on the offensive boards, allowing the Suns to grab 14 offensive rebounds despite their smaller size and usual difficulties in this area.

Additionally, each Suns starter managed to score over 20 points, except for Jusuf Nurkic, who contributed 18 points, putting further pressure on the LA.

Despite a slow start that saw them fall behind by 17 points in the first quarter, the LA’ offense picked up momentum, shooting 52% from the field and making 15 three-pointers at a 43% success rate.

The Lakers Won The Turnover Battle

Surprisingly, they outperformed the Suns in shooting efficiency. Moreover, the LA won the turnover battle, indicating that rebounding was the decisive factor in their loss.


Anthony Davis showcased a strong performance with 22 points and 14 rebounds in 42 minutes of play, while LeBron James and D’Angelo Russell contributed 28 and 20 points, respectively.

However, the LA received minimal contribution from their bench players, including a disappointing performance from Spencer Dinwiddie, who managed only three points on 20% shooting in 23 minutes of play.

The Lakers Were Trailing The Suns By 2.5 Games Prior To This Matchup

In terms of the standings, the LA were trailing the Suns by 2.5 games prior to this matchup, aiming for the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

However, with this loss, they now find themselves one game further behind, slipping to the 10th seed, trailing even the Golden State Warriors who have a game scheduled later in the day.


Depending on the outcome of the Warriors’ game, the LA may regain the ninth seed. Nevertheless, their chances of securing a spot in the top eight are diminishing rapidly, making their path to the playoffs significantly more challenging.

They now face the prospect of winning consecutive single-elimination games on the road, with the best-case scenario being a berth as the eighth seed.

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