Lakers Rumors: Bruce Brown and Dejounte Murray Top the Wishlist

Lakers Rumors: As the 2024 NBA trade deadline looms closer, the Los Angeles Lakers are actively engaging in discussions across the league. With a deadline set for February 8, the Lakers are carefully weighing their options, considering whether to stick with their current roster or make strategic changes. In the midst of these deliberations, two names have surfaced as primary targets for the Lakers – Bruce Brown from the Toronto Raptors and Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks.

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Lakers Rumors

The pursuit of Dejounte Murray by the Lakers has been ongoing for several weeks. The Hawks find themselves in a challenging position once again, and with a daunting four-year extension on the horizon for Murray, Atlanta appears reluctant to commit significant funds to a team struggling to advance past the first round. The Lakers, sensing an opportunity, are keen on capitalizing on Atlanta’s financial constraints.

On the other hand, Bruce Brown was a notable target for the Lakers during the offseason. However, the Indiana Pacers outbid the Lakers with an offer beyond their financial reach. Subsequently, Brown was traded to the Raptors in exchange for Pascal Siakam, sparking renewed interest from the Lakers.

Lakers Rumors: The Lakers, I’m told, are continuing to monitor two players.

According to Lakers Rumors from Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Lakers are intensively focused on Bruce Brown and Dejounte Murray as their primary trade deadline targets. Charania stated, “The Lakers, I’m told, are continuing to monitor two players. I think the two guys at the forefront of their targets list going into the trade deadline, Dejounte Murray of Atlanta, and Bruce Brown Jr. of Toronto.”

Lakers Rumors

The Lakers’ pursuit of these two players is a strategic move to bolster their roster. Both Brown and Murray present intriguing options that could significantly contribute to the Lakers’ performance if a deal can be negotiated. While Murray may be a more feasible acquisition due to the Hawks’ reported willingness to negotiate, the Raptors are holding out for a high asking price for Brown.

Lakers Rumors: The Lakers are unlikely to undergo a complete roster overhaul at the deadline

With a current record of 22-22, the Lakers find themselves four games away from securing the No. 6 seed and avoiding the Play-In Tournament. Unlike the previous season, the Lakers are unlikely to undergo a complete roster overhaul at the deadline. Even if they successfully acquire either Brown or Murray, the team acknowledges the need to make significant improvements with their existing roster.

Lakers Rumors

The possibility of Dejounte Murray joining the Lakers holds substance, according to various sources. Distinguishing between genuine rumors and mere speculation is challenging during the trade deadline season, but the consistent buzz around Murray potentially moving to the Lakers suggests a plausible scenario that the team is actively exploring.

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