Ja Morant Teased LeBron James After Lakers Star Missed Shot

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ rising star, recently found himself in a playful exchange with LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The incident occurred during a game where LeBron missed a crucial 3-pointer. Let’s delve into what exactly transpired.

LeBron James

Ja Morant, known for his dynamic playing style, is currently sidelined due to a shoulder surgery, eagerly waiting for a chance to return to the court.

During a game against the Lakers, where the Grizzlies fell short of victory, a leaked video captured Morant’s interaction with LeBron James. Despite being unable to play, Morant didn’t hold back in expressing his competitive spirit.

LeBron James attempted a 3-point shot, Morant, seated near the Grizzlies’ bench

As LeBron James attempted a 3-point shot, Morant, seated near the Grizzlies’ bench, couldn’t help but react audibly when the shot missed. With a resounding “Hell No!” Morant made his feelings known.

Later in the game, when LeBron sealed the Lakers’ win with a dunk, he found himself beside Morant.

LeBron James

Taking the opportunity, Morant jokingly taunted LeBron, implying that the outcome might have been different if he were on the court. “Wait until I suit up,” he remarked, hinting at a future showdown.

The exchange between Morant and James highlights the competitive nature of NBA players, even off the court. Despite Morant’s absence due to injury, his spirit remains undaunted, eagerly awaiting his return to showcase his skills.

LeBron James felt his shoulder pop out of place during a routine movement

Speaking of Morant’s injury, the young player recently shared insights into how he sustained it. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Morant recounted the moment his shoulder was injured.

While preparing for a game, he felt his shoulder pop out of place during a routine movement. Despite the pain, Morant remained optimistic about his recovery.

LeBron James

With his season prematurely ended due to the injury, Morant has played only a handful of games this year. However, he remains determined to fully recover and make a strong comeback next season. Despite setbacks, Morant’s resilience and passion for the game shine through, leaving fans eager to see him back on the court.

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