Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Penalized $15,000 for Ball Incident against Warriors

D’Angelo Russell: The NBA has imposed a $15,000 fine on D’Angelo Russell, the guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, for kicking the game ball into the spectator stands during their match against the Golden State Warriors, as confirmed by Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President and Head of Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred during the Lakers’ double overtime victory over the Warriors on Saturday. Following Stephen Curry’s unsuccessful full-court heave at the buzzer, Russell was observed kicking the ball into the stands.

 D'Angelo Russell

This game was emotionally charged for both teams, with players from each side playing extended minutes. However, the NBA is adamant about preventing any potential harm to fans caused by basketballs entering the stands. Although Russell’s late-game 3-pointer secured the lead for the Lakers, his subsequent action warranted disciplinary action.

Typically, when a player kicks or throws the game ball into the stands, it results in a technical foul and/or a fine. Fortunately, no spectators were injured as a result of Russell’s actions. Nevertheless, the league does not tolerate such behavior regardless of whether it results in harm.

D’Angelo Russell Has Recently Been The Subject of Numerous Trade Rumors

Russell has recently been the subject of numerous trade rumors as the February 8 trade deadline approaches. This speculation has coincided with an improvement in his performance, potentially diminishing the trade chatter. Over the last ten games, the 27-year-old has averaged 25 points and 6.2 assists while shooting 52% from the field and 51.8% from beyond the arc.

 D'Angelo Russell

When Russell is in sync offensively, it significantly elevates the Lakers’ offense. This benefits players like Anthony Davis and LeBron James, whose third scoring option has been inconsistent throughout the season. Whether it’s Russell or Austin Reaves, both need to maintain consistency in scoring going forward.

Russell continued his impressive form on Saturday, contributing 28 points, five assists, three rebounds, one block, and a steal. The question now revolves around whether Russell’s scoring prowess is sustainable, particularly in the playoffs where he previously struggled in the Western Conference Finals.

Trade Deadline Passes And D’Angelo Russell Remains With The Lakers

Moreover, if the trade deadline passes and Russell remains with the Lakers, General Manager Rob Pelinka will face the dilemma of potentially losing him for nothing or negotiating a contract extension this summer.

 D'Angelo Russell

In the aftermath of two consecutive turnovers, Russell displayed resilience by sinking a crucial 3-pointer during the second overtime against the Warriors. Eager to rectify his mistakes, he aimed to secure the lead for L.A. with his decisive shot, effectively redeeming himself.

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